Eli Bevins 

Grant Type: CREATIVE
Use of Funds: studio recording costs

Eli is part of a twin sister duo raised by their grandparents in West Philadelphia. Growing up in a house two generations removed, the sisters were able to draw from both modern and “back in the day” experiences which is visible in their work.  Eli began writing stories and poetry in elementary school with her sister and first discovered the art of screenwriting in the 11th grade in the film club at Overbrook High. After putting on two stage plays in college, Eli and her sister started a web show based off their second stage play to simply have a recording of their work, which eventually lead the sister’s back to their film-making aspirations.  Since, Eli and her sister have written and directed numerous short films, produced a multicultural supernatural thriller, created an 1 hour long documentary, written several full length screenplays, produced educational videos and performing spoken word as a dual.  She has also won numerous film awards including the 2014 First Place Elfenworks prize for their social justice film, “Systematic Living;” award presented by “Underground” actress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell. Through film and spoken word, Eli and her sister continue to convey thought-provoking messages that will impact lives, enlighten and challenge minds.