tayarishaTayarisha Poe is a filmmaker working on her first feature film, Selah and the Spades which was first created as the Overture, a series of photographs, short films, and prose pieces. The film explores the intensity of the friendships of our youth, and how those friendships are subject to the same manipulations and imbalances of power, and what that does to those involved. Tayarisha’s project is currently in pre-production with plans to begin filming and production in June. Most of the crew and cast is comprised of Philadelphia-based art makers and will be shot in and around West Philly. SBMA funds will support pre-production costs including casting costs and rehearsal space.

BIO: Tayarisha Poe was chosen as one of the 25 New Faces in Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine in 2015, and in 2016 she received the Sundance Knight Foundation Fellowship. Her film and photographic work as been profiled by Filmmaker Magazine, IndieWire, and Superselected. She believes that stories are inherently multi-sensory and multi-dimensional and therefore should be told that way.