heatherHeather Dooley started Spake, a 16-page literary zine, from a collection of poems with no home, an iPhone full of poignant screenshots, and at least 30,000 words of an unwieldy story.  Starting with issue #2, Heather began to include excerpts from her forthcoming novel in the zine and continues to do so until her novel is finished. She now wants to make high-quality, hand-crafted back issues available in an online store to help sustain production of future issues and build an audience.  Heather will utilize SBMA funds to purchase printing equipment and supplies to improve the craftmanship of her literary zine and increase production and distribution.

BIO: Heather is a poet and writer in Philadelphia. She has written and produced audio stories for community radio, developed curriculum for a museum education program, and facilitated workshops and guided tour experiences. You can find her poetry in Painted Bride Quarterly, Small Po[r]tions Journal, and the Adirondack Review, and at readspake.tumblr.com. Heather is from West Virginia; she graduated from Marshall University in 2003 and moved to Philadelphia in 2007.