swap photo 1SBMA realizes that funding for creative business/artform is important to artists, but when those funds are lacking or limited, we support creating and identifying alternative methods of support. In 2014, SBMA partnered with the Artistic Rebuttal Project to host an event to encourage Philly creatives to come together, identify each persons’ skills, knowledge and resources and swap these valuable strengths among one another in order to complete a project, create something new or reach some other creative goal.

2015 Creative Strength Swap!

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Local creatives looking for an alternative to traditional funding and resource models found them at the second Creative Strength Swap in November 2015.The day-long event included an expert panel of artists and arts leaders (Pamela Hetherington, Artistic Director, Take It Away Dance; Michelle Freeman, Founder & President, Witty Gritty Marketing and Events; Jeff Blinder, Founder, Spazz Fests, moderator: Michelle Currica, Program Manager, Philadelphia Cultural Fund) who spoke about how they have utilized bartering and partnerships to advance their work.  The panel was followed by two workshop sessions focused on 1) how to identify and valuate skills and talents for bartering or parterships and 2) a review of a helpful creative swap template to design and complete a swap partnership. Participants were led in a breakout activity to practice creating swaps and identify potential partnerships. Thanks to support provided by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, participants received free lunch and a free copy of Andrew Simonet’s book “Making Your Life As An Artist”.  SBMA and Artistic Rebuttal will follow up with participants for up to three months with the help of volunteer coaches to check on the progress of partnerships started at the event.

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